How Can You Benefit With Search Engine Optimization Services?

by Kam Hubbard

One of the preferred ways in which you can promote your, or someone else's, business online is through search engine optimization. Right now, there are numerous search engine optimization services that claim to help you get your website into the top rankings of various search engines. The funny thing is that most of these services pretend that they will be able to change the rankings of your webpage overnight and enable your business to reach new heights.

Anyone with basic business acumen will understand that establishing a business and making it successful is not something that is achievable overnight. There is a lot of effort that needs to go into making your business one that is recognized by people and accepted by customers as one of the best. Even when it comes to search engine optimization, you need to realize that it is not something that happens instantly. There are many factors that contribute to the ranking that a certain website gets from search engines. And search engine optimization services aim at bringing about an overall improvement in all the factors, thereby resulting in improved rankings. So before you fall for some service that claims to change the course of your business in two days, you should think twice.

There are numerous things that you need to consider before you select a certain service. Also, you need to remember that the requirements of each business are different and unique. Thus, the services that you opt for should have an understanding of your business and then start working on fetching better ranks for your website. When it comes to something related to a business that you set up with such a lot of care and passion, you cannot let the guard down.

Choosing a service that claims to improve your page rankings can become a difficult affair especially because of the myriad options available nowadays. Gone are the days when you had to choose between three or four service providers. There is greater scope for confusion now because you have many people claiming to give you the best services. But there is one way in which you can choose the service that is truly the best. Just consider the points given below:

* The cost of the service - see if it suits your budget or not
* The time period required for getting results
* The promised increase in traffic
* The number and quality of websites that you are going to be linked to
* The use of keywords and key phrases related to the content of your website - how relevant they are and how uniformly they will be spread across your site.
* The relevance of the links that will be established to your website.

These are the most basic and the most important factors that you have to keep in mind before zeroing in on a particular service. You must understand that a service that looks sturdy enough to give you the best of these options is one that can work best for your business. Remember, that choosing the best one out of many search engine optimization services is a very crucial task. If you fail to make the correct choice, you will be losing out on a lot. Instead, by considering the pros and the cons and taking time out to think about the options, you need to choose the best option.
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Assalammualaikum kepada  semua blogger. Di kesempatan ini qelana ingin memohon sejuta kemaafan dari sahabat semua. Walaupun Ramadhan akan pergi tetapi syawal menjelma tanda kemenangan kita bagi umat Islam. Tiada apa yang dapat saya berikan melainkan kad ucapan hari raya sebagai pengganti diri. Sekiranya sahabat berkenan silalah di ambil ya.

Ini kad Raya Dari Al-basri

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Male & Female Body Shape
By Kieran Moloney

Everybody is born with a different body type. This is why every man and woman has a different body shape, and develops different levels of body fat and muscle mass.

Your body type is completely determined by genetics. You will probably share the same body type as someone who is closely related to you such as a mother or a father.

Because body type is a genetic trait, it will always be apart of you. However, with the right approach you can change your Body Shape to start looking more like a different Body type.

The Three Body Types:

There are three different body type classifications:

Endomorphs: Endomorphs tend to have bigger bones that the other body types. These men and women usually have round faces with larger thighs and hips. Endomorphs have arms and legs that tend to be short and tapering, giving them a stocky appearance.

Most endomorphs have comparatively small hands and feet and a high waist. Additionally, endomorphs have higher levels of body fat than the other body types, but they can also build muscle and lean mass easily. Weight loss is most difficult for the endomorph body type.

Mesomorphs: Mesomorphs are usually described as having an athletic build. They often have an hourglass or ruler shape, and gain muscle mass easily. The majority of mesomorphs have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. They have a fast metabolism and can lose weight more easily than endomorphs.

Ectomorphs: Ectomorphs have a thin, linear appearance. Most ectomorphs look like rulers, with narrow waists, hips, and shoulders. Ectomorphs can lose weight easily and tend to have low levels of body fat. However, they also have a harder time gaining lean muscle mass.

Few people actually fall distinctly into one category. Instead, it is much more likely that you will be a combination of the body types. Common combinations include ecto-mesomorph and endo-mesomorph.

Identifying your Body Shape with the Body Shape Questionnaire before you plan on undertaking a Fat Loss regime can be beneficial in many ways.

It can bring to your attention aspects of Dieting, Exercise and Lifestyle which can all work together to make your Fat Loss goals more effective!

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Award ke-2

Saya baru saja dapat Award ke-2. Award ini diberi oleh vickylawrenz. Thanks banget The Lawrenz atas Award-nya.

Award ini sendiri merupakan Award yang ber-backlink, maka sahabat blogger yang menerima award ini akan secara otomatis mendapatkan backlink, dan jika kita mengikuti syaratnya secara tepat maka blog kita akan mendapatkan banyak backlink dalam waktu yang singkat.

Dan pada akhirnya saya memutuskan para sahabat blogger yang menerima award ini adalah :

Pengumpul blog


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Dunia komputer

katadeon - info tips dan tutorial

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everton community



Bagi siapa saja yang menerima award ini diharuskan untuk membagikan kembali award ini kepada sepuluh orang temannya. Dan selanjutnya si penerima award harus meletakkan link-link di bawah ini di blog atau artikel kamu :

Avanca Linux
Ote Tatsuya
Akhi Rido Wahyudi
Hana Mugiasih
Vicky Lawrenz [The Lawrenz]

Sahabat sekalian, dipersilakan ambilkan awardnya ya.

Cara Pengambilan:

1. Copy saja seluruh artikel ini.
2. Ganti nama pemberi award, kalau aku dari Qelana, ganti dari aku dong (kasih link ke aku).
3. Nah, lalu bagikan ke sepuluh temanmu yang lain.... (bisa bertahap kalo masih bingung)
4. Kasih tau temanmu lewat shoutmix/chatbox... :D
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Kasih,Cinta Dan Sayang

Arus-arus sungai yang sering mengalir,
Dimana Sang kekasih menanti kekasihnya,
Dan sang pungguk terus merindukan bulan,
Aku tetap setia disini.

Walaupun penantian memerlukan kesabaran
Walaupun bulan sentiasa senyum, Arus sentiasa menuruti lumrahnya.
Yang pasti aku akan menanti.
Walaupun penantian menjadi satu penyeksaan
Namun kesabaran tetap bersama penantian,
Biarpun musim bertukar-ganti
Aku masih lagi disini.
Ungakapan yang sering dilafazkan
Oleh sang pencinta di alam ini
Keikhlsan dan ketulusan sering menjadi buruan,
Menjadikan cinta terus indah sepanjang usia.
Aku terus menanti
walaupun aku tak pasti sampai bila,
Namun yang pasti Cinta dan Kasih,
Tetap setia bersama penantian ini.
Walaupun lautan yang dalam, tetap akan kurenangi,
Gunung yang tinggi akan kudaki,
Yang pasti Kasih dan Cinta akan Menemui kunci bahagia,
Kusangka Kasih,Cinta dan Sayang akan bersama,
Tapi kini,hanyalah sekadar angan-angan sahaja,
Kerana Kasih dan Cinta sudah tiada,
Untuk di kongsi bersama,
Namun yang pasti…
Kasihku, Cintaku, Sayangku tetap ada di dalam diri ini.

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How to Become a Good Friend Or Even a Best Friend
By Steve Hill

A recent survey suggested that the average person in their forties only has four people that they consider to be "a true friend". How many true friends would you say that you have? It is generally well known that the older we become the less "real friends" we have. This is due to various reasons including the fact that people who we previously classed as "a true mate" has let us down in some way, has moved away or because we have just been too busy. In this article I will be writing about the qualities that one would expect to see in a true friend, I hope you enjoy the read.

The characteristics of a good friend:

1. Honesty
2. Loyal
3. Kind
4. Fun
5. Trustworthy
6. A Good listener
7. Happy
8. Positive

These are the some of the characteristics that I would expect out of the people that I spend a large amount of my time with. I am in need of people who can listen to my problems and then advise accordingly. I need to be able to trust them; I would not therefore expect them to spread my news in the form of gossip to other people within our area.

I want to be around fun, upbeat and positive people. I certainly do not want to be dragged down by a person who is always thinking and talking in a negative manner.

A best friend of mine would need to be a kind person, warm hearted and generous, certainly not selfish. I expect a good friend to be loyal towards me and to also be honest.

Do you have the above qualities? Perhaps I am being too picky; this could be one of the reasons why I also do not have many "best friends"!

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Luahkan perasaan anda sebagai anak yang merdeka...

Award Pertamaku...

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7. Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged me: vickylawrenz
2. His/her site's title and url: The Lawrenz
3. Date when I were tagged: 14 August 2009
4. Persons I tagged:
Mr.K akan bagi teman-teman yang lain supaya teman yang menrima Award ini lebih mantap lagi.
Yang menerima award dari Mr.K
  1. Al-Basri
  2. Mas Doyok
  3. Epg-Studio
  4. Yek
  5. Puguh182
  6. Radit
  7. Kusrsus Blog
  8. everton community
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Terimalah untuk sahabatku.Komen sikit....

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Your Love Guide - Do You Know How to Star in Your Own Love Story?
By Hadley Finch

Whether you're enjoying a romantic relationship or seeking one, you will create a more fulfilling relationship with your romantic co-star as soon as you learn how to be the star in your own love story.

When you star in a film, you and your co-star are expected to re-do a scene over and over until you get it right. When you star in your real-life love story, your chances for Take Two with your co-star often depend on whether you are in a dating relationship or doing scenes from a marriage.

You rarely get a chance for Take Two with your co-star in a dating relationship. If you screw up a scene with your date, there's often someone in the wings who's eagerly waiting to take your place (or your date's place, for that matter).

What about a marriage?

If there's a mutual commitment and dedication with your co-star in your marital love story, you may get a chance to redo and rework issues until you get them right.

Unfortunately, it's a tragic reality that your eager competition can be lurking in the wings of your marriage, waiting for a vulnerable moment so they can jump in and replace you by co-starring with your mate.

How do you avoid that heartbreaking fate?

Learn how to star in your own love story now. This preparation has nothing to do with your co-star. It's about you.

Simply make sure that you are always ready for your closeup.


Are you fit in body-mind-spirit?
Are you strong enough to face the challenge in each scene?
Are you resilient enough to bend instead of break?
Do you see each take of a scene, not as a mistake but as a chance to bring out the best in you?
Are you in touch with your emotions, feeling free to give and receive love?
Do you speak your truth from your heart, aware of how your words will affect someone?
Have you learned how to listen as an act of love?
Do you use your talents and pursue your dreams every day?
Do you ease stress and build health with wholesome thoughts, foods, exercise, friends?
Have you identified challenges in your life and created various plans to overcome them (in case you need Take Two or Take Ten)
Do you see and savor all the wonders of you?

Being ready for your closeup means that you strengthen your strengths and fall in love again with yourself first-- so that your inner beauty shines through, guides you and supports you.

Your healthy self love is a love magnet that attracts more love. It is the foundation for the resilient optimism that fuels your passionate choices and personal triumphs.

As you star in your own love story, your co-star will rise up to match your radiance -- either in a existing relationship or as you cast your new co-star who loves all the wonders of you.

And if you're single and seeking to meet your great love, I invite you to enjoy a free month membership in the Singles Club Of Tribe Of Blondes. Not a hair color, it's a resilient, optimistic spirit that unites us and fuels our passionate choices and personal triumphs.

The Singles Club was created by author, Hadley Finch--a real-life Carrie Bradshaw who writes about love and relationships. Hadley's articles, podcasts and novel, TRIBE OF BLONDES, are inspired by her online dating adventures in 3 continents and 200 blind dates after her long marriage ended in divorce.

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The Meaning of Friendship
by Jennie Gandhi

Friendship is about bonding.It is about reciprocating the care you receive from a person and at the same time respecting the other persons view. A friend does not judge you by wealth or position, he or she is there with you during your bad times. He is like the pillar of strength you can rely on and also share your apprehensions about the various aspects in life. Friendship blossoms each day and one must make time to strengthen the bond.

Days and events are important during friendship. It is vital for us to remember the important days in our friend's life. Friendship is also about trust. One is able to open up freely to the person who is your friend because you know you will not be judged. It is fine to express your inhibitions and also seek the advice of your friend but at the same time friendship is also respecting the other person's predicament. Many a times the friend is not available owing to familial reasons or other commitments and jealously can mar the fragile bond of friendship.

Situations in life often make us realize who our true friends are. We may be surrounded by a group of people whom we meet but it is only with a particular person we are able to relate. This is because there is a certain chemistry, understanding and also respect which you find in this true friend. It is our duty to bring a friend to the right path but too much of criticism will spoil the friendship.

We choose different vocations and reside in various locations and hence friendship gets separated owing to distance. Communication lines are accessible to all of us who want to connect with a lot of friends. Friends from our Alma Mater, friends from our previous jobs and also friends who have migrated to different lands can be contacted easily with the help of technology. There are No excuses in friendship.

The test of friendship is during critical circumstances. When you are down and out the best friend is still next to you. He or she gives you the biggest support with kind words and assures you that life is truly a great gift. A good friend is a rare gem and we need to polish this bond with the goodness of friendship.

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